Kan Jam

Unleash the ultimate fun at your next outdoor gathering with Kan Jam, the exhilarating disc game that's sweeping the nation! Perfect for beaches, parks, backyards, or any outdoor space, Kan Jam is the easy-to-learn, impossible-to-put-down competitive game that has everyone buzzing. Our Kan Jam set includes everything you need to start the fun: a durable, high-quality flying disc and two official Kan Jam goals. With its simple setup, you'll transition from bystander to Kan Jam enthusiast in minutes. Designed for teams of two, players take turns hurling the disc toward the goal while their teammate assists by deflecting it. Score points by hitting the can, getting the disc to sneak inside through the slot, or achieve instant glory with a direct slot hit. Ideal for family reunions, beach parties, picnics, or any outdoor event, Kan Jam is a surefire way to create lasting memories and ignite friendly competition among friends and family. Don't miss out on the action. Rent your Kan Jam set today and transform any gathering into an epic event!

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